Comaparison of Realme Wireless Buds VS Mi Nackband Earphones

Recently Realme has launched the Realme Wireless Buds at an affordable price. It is the direct competitor of Mi Wireless Neckband launched back in July. Both the bands are priced under Rs. 2000 and packs with similar features. Realme is giving tough competition the Redmi not only in smartphones but also in the accessories also. With the Realme Wireless buds they have also launched the Realme Powerbank of 10000mAh capacity. Lets talk about the Wireless earphones.
Realme Wireless Buds


Both the earphones are Neck styled with minor differences. The Mi earphone has chunkier Neck called the Micro-Arc design. The Realme earphone comes with a thinner wire and sweat-proof design. So, the realme buds feels lighter compared to the Mi wireless earphones. There is Realme branding on the earphones.
       The realme Buds has wingtips which protects from accidental fall, which is irritating for many users. If you use the earphones for jogging then Mi band will kill you because it is not sweat proof and the earphones doesn’t fit tightly or there is no wingtips, So earphone will fall and it will be annoying sometimes. The realme buds also has a magnetic feature which will not allow the twisting of the wires.
       The weight of the Realme Buds is 30 grams and the weight of Mi Neckband is 13.6 grams. The Mi buds are lighter comapred to the Realme. I think weight ill doesn’t matter, because they are not that much heavier. If some body wants lighter then they can go for Mi Neckband.
       Mi Neckband comes in grey(looks black) in color and the Realme comes in black and Yellow in color. The realme buds has matte finish and earphones is designed, so it could fit in the ears perfectly. In Design realme is the clear winner.

Waterproof Protection

Here realme is the clear winner because it comes with the IPX4 certification and it can withstand for splash of water and the wires used are sweat-proof(not mentioned but they don’t absorb sweat). There is no protection on the mi earphones and wires used are not sweat proof and it will irritate while jogging. There is also wingtips which also protects from sudden fall in the realme buds, which is also an advantage.
Mi Neckband

Bluetooth and Connectivity

Both the earphones comes with the Bluetooth Version 5.0 support but they cannot connect to two devices at a time. The range of the earphones is 10 meters for strong connection and you can use for more long but there will be some disturbance. You can play the PUBG game without any heck and enhance the experience as sound plays a vital role in the game. I have heard by someone that realme buds lags sometimes while gaming. There is no connectivity issue in the Mi Neckband. Both the Headsets comes with the In-built Mic and there are Volume Up and Down buttons also available. The Pause and Play button will help on Changing the songs.

Battery life and sound 

The Realme buds 110mAh battery and Realme said that it could charge to fill in 1 and hour from 0 to 100. The Mi neckband has a 120mAh larger battery and they said that it could charge 0 to 100 in 2 hours of time. But, instead of larger battery the Mi Neckband battery  playback time is around to 8 hours, where as Realme buds battery back up is around 11 hours of battery playback time.
     The sound quality is good in both the earphones but Realme takes a bit louder and clearer ai it comes with higher decibels and new technology. You will see minor differences in the sound quality of the bands. The realme comes with the 11.2 mm Bass Boost Driver feature which enhances the Bass experience.


Both the Earphones are priced under Rs. 2000 and comes with good features and quality. The Mi Neckband is Priced at Rs. 1599 and the Realme wireless Buds is Priced at Rs. 1799. There is 20% difference in the price of the buds. But, Realme also comes with many advantages like splash proof, sweat proof and wingtips with magnetic buds.
        My opinion is the Realme Wireless buds is the clear winner and my recommendation is also the Realme buds.
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