Detailed comparison : Xiaomi Mi band 4 vs Honor band 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Fit

Xiaomi recently has launched the Mi Band 4 in India. The Price tag at which it is launched kills all the other smart band available in the market. Direct competitor of this product are Honor Band 5 and Samsung Galaxy Fit. I think it has already overtaken them with its specs and price.All three bands comes with similar specs and priced under 10,000. Lets compare their specifications and price.

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Design, Display, Quality :

All the Bands has color display and similar design with some minor changes. The Mi Band 4 has Pill shaped display. Honor Band 5 has a rectangular shaped display and the Samsung Galaxy Fit has same as Honor Band 5 but it has Curved edges. All the bands comes in different strap colors options.
The Mi band 4 is available in Blue, Maroon, Black and orange. Honor Band has blue, pink and back color straps. The Samsung galaxy Fit comes in two colors black and silver. All the Bands has same size display of 0.95-inch color AMOLED display. 

Fitness modes and features :

All the Bands are designed to track our fitness and help us live a healthy life. There are some minor differences in all the band.
            Xiaomi Band 4 has 24/7 heart rate monitoring system, Music Control, Swim tracking with stroke recognition, daily activity tracker, steps count, Apps notifications, call display and rejection and alarm mode with vibration feature. There are many features in this, you can track 3 types of sleep like light and deep quality. It gives timely reminder for heart rate and it can also track your phone by Phone locator. It also has many watch Faces, which can be downloaded from the Mi Fit app.
Mi band 4, Xiaomi smart band 4,
          Honor Band 5 comes with 10 distant daily activity modes, 24/7 heart rate sensor, Stroke recognition with swim tracking, app notifications, there is no call rejection option in this band. But you can see call notification, Phone finder or band finder using phone. It has Tru-sleep option, which monitors real time sleep and identifies 6 common sleeping problems with 200 personalized sleep quality. It also tracks the heart rate while sleeping and also the breathe, It also suggest if  we make sound while sleeping. You can connect this with the Huawei Health app and there are many watch faces available on the app.
Huawei Honor Band 5, Honor smart 5, Honor Band, Honor watch
         Samsung Galaxy Fit is costlier than both the others and also comes with same specs like it also has 24/7 heart sensor, daily activity tracker app notifications, Phone locator etc.. The other features which are different are it tracks the stress with breathing exercises and DND mode. You can track the activities with their Samsung galaxy Health app. 

Battery :

Honor band has 110 mAh battery, which is said to last for 14-days in a single charge. Mi band 4 comes with 135 mAh battery and it can last for 20-days in a single charge. The last galaxy Fit has 120 mAh battery and Samsung says that it can last for 10 days. All the bands comes with Charging docks and different ways of charging.

Price :

In terms of pricing, Xiaomi Mi band 4 beats both the other bands as it is priced low at Rs. 2,299, Honor band 5 is priced at Rs. 2,599 and the Samsung Galaxy fit is priced at Rs. 8,999. If price is the matter then you can go with the Xiaomi or Honor. But, if price doesn’t matters for and you need quality and accuracy then you can buy the Galaxy fit. There is also a Lower variant of Galaxy fit with less features.
Link to Buy : Honor Band 5 , Samsung Galaxy Fit

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