Huawei is launching many goodies this time in IFA 2019, first they launched the  Hisilicon Kirin 990 5G chipset with 7nm technology , then this new app for visually Impaired persons. This is an AI based smart app. Which will help the visually impaired users to read the text.

Pocketvision app, Pocket vision by huawei. Ai amrt app pocketvision

The new App is launched as PocketVision and it’s Powered by Honor’s AI technology. This app will help users in many ways like they can read the text, menus, news and the things in the phone. This will also help the Smartphone companies to grow their sales and earn more profits.
                    This will come with 3 modes-Text-to-speech mode, Negative Image mode and the last Zoom-in-mode but not the least. may be in future they will come up with more modes which will help in other ways. This mode currently only work with Honor 20 series and first it will come to Huawei phones only.

  • Each mode will help users to understand better like First mode will let the users to point at the text and the phone will read it loud, so users can understand where they have pointed. It is supported by few languages currently like English, Italian, German and Chinese. This mode works with HiAI platform and Optical Character Recognition(OPR). Where OPR is used to convert the Image into text.
  •  The Negative Image mode will help in providing wide range of color filters to enhance the image by increasing the contrast of the mode.
  • The last mode Zoom in mode uses the 48 MP camera and also the 8MP telephoto lens. So, users will be able to zoom in on the text with the help of Volume rockers button. To zoom they need to press the Volume UP button and to Zoom out they need to press the Volume DOWN button. In this way the app will provide clarity to text.
Huawei launched pocketvision
Currently the PocketVision is available on the Huawei App gallery and it can be installed on all the Huawei and Honor phones. But, still they will not work well on other phones because they are developed based on the Honor 20 series Phones. May they will improve it and make it work well for all the phones in the near future.

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