Huawei announched Freebuds 3 powered by the new Kirin A1 chipset

In IFA Berlin 2019 Huawei unveiled many products this time. They have unveiled the Freebuds 3 a true wireless Stereo buds and to power this they have given the New Kirin A1 chipset. This chipset is supported by Bluetooth version 5.1 & BLE 5.1. It is the worlds first wearable chipset, which supports that. It will compete with Apple Airpods. The design is also similar to that.

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Kirin A1 wearable chipset :

                                This chipset is designed for wearable devices. The Huawei Watch GT 2 is the first device to taste it. Now it is available in the Freebuds 3. This chipset is designed so that it can enhance the sound experience to a fruitful sound. The technology used in the chipset kicks out the Noise coming from outside and provides you better experience. This chip helps in processing the digital sound with finely Tuned high Sensitivity driver to deliver you a immense music. This chipset comes with many features like stable connectivity, ultra-low latency and an impressive approach to noise control.
                                It comes with Bluetooth v5.1 and BLE 5.1 wearable chip. Kirin A1 chip ensures an unmatched for stability and ease of connectivity. This also consumes less power than the other chipsets because it is manufactured with advanced versions of technology. The latest version of Bluetooth makes the frequency-hoping technology in communication faster and it can identify frequency bands affected by 2.4GHz, such as WI-FI and Hop to a free channel. This chip will increaase the love towards the wireless earphones .
                             The chip can be used in many type of devices. It comes with the support, which can be used in any wearable device like speakers, glasses, earphones and headphones.

Huawei Freebuds 3 :           

                               The Huawei Freebuds 3 gives a intelligent sound and a intelligent noise cancellation. The Active Noise Cancelling feature is combined with leading audio processors to deliver a precise environment noise reduction that optimises in real time and cancels the background noise . If you are in crowded place then also you can get a pleasant and noise free music. It will auto detect the noise and removes it and gives a crystal clear music. It uses a high-sensitivity 14mm dynamic driver to tune and restore the original quality. There is also a feature where it will increase the bass and gives you louder, stronger and tighter sound.  It makes like Studio-Quality sound.
                               Huawei’s Isochronous Dual channel makes the audio transformation to the buds  synchronously and separately. The sound in left and right buds are transferred separately so that you can get good sound and clear sound. It will enhance the gaming experience too, specially playing fortinte and PUBG.
                               Huawei Freebuds 3 comes with a Bone sensor, so it can pickup the voice through the Bone vibrations and enhances the voice to give a clear sound to the opposite person. During phone calls it enhances the Voice as well as the sound to give a fell like you are talking in a room. The pairing is also simple. You just have to Pop Up the cap and it starts working instantaneously.
kirin a1 design in black and white

Design of Buds :

                                    It comes in a Dolphin Bionic design, which will fit in your ears comfortable and stable. It will give comfort to the ears and less pain or no pain. It comes with Aerodynamic Mic Duct design, which help you in calling like if you are in a windy weather then it will supress the wind sound and give you wind free sound and a crystal sound and it also eliminates the wind sound when transferring the voice during call. Mainly it is used when you are walking or moving faster. 
                                   Freebuds comes with button less feature so that you can enjoy the beat without taking out phone many times. There are controls on Earbuds, which can be used to change the music or turn off/on. If you double tap the right bud it will switch the song and if you press the left bud then it will turn off and on ANC. It comes with a sensor that if you remove it from ear then the music stops and if you put it back then music starts playing.
                                  The case provided with is also designed well. so that it can fit in your hand and rounder corners makes it hold better. There are two color options black and white.

Charging :

                    It comes with smart charging option.You can charge this using a Type-C cable or you can also charge it by placing it on wireless charger. This also supports wireless charging. The battery will last last for 4 hours during continous playback at a single charge. The case provided with it can charge it Four times with the full charge, so that you enjoy a music without charging problem.

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