Huawei has unlocked bootloader of Mate 30 Series.

Recently Huawei has launched the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro with Android Open Source OS. Because they are not allowed to tie up with the Google of trade war between US and Huawei. So, the Huawei has no way to launch the smartphones with the Android OS.
Now Huawei said in a news that Huawei Mate series users can unlock bootloader and taste the other Operating systems like lineage OS or others. Before we have to fill up a form and submit to the Huawei to unlock the bootloader but now they made it easier.
Unlocking bootloader means less security and everyone does not know how to do it and will it be good or it could crash the device operating system. It is riskier for normal users. This will effect the Huawei sales and they could loose the market share. In China there is no issue because Google apps are already banned in the Country but this could effect the sales outside the China.
Let’s see what will Huawei is going to do and what about the Future upcoming smartphones. Will Huawei will come with Harmony OS or they will find out another way. Huawei is the world’s second most seller of the smartphones and first in the network equipments. Will they survive like this in future also or they will loose the place.

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