PUBG Season 9 Arrived(What’s new): Checkout New features

PUBG Mobile is the most played Game on the Android Phone. The Season 8 of PUBG Mobile has ended up and on the 12th September season 9 has started. It’s the most addictive game and more controversial game in town now. Many Death issues has been noticed due to this game like a Boy Murdered his father for stopping him not play PUBG. Anyhow lets think in Positive way and as a game.

PUBG : Season 9 has been Arrived(What’s new)

Changelog :

  • This season brings many changes with this the layout of the lobby is improved and there many skins available this time like Observer set, new M249 skin, New skins for reaching the Tiers of season 9 like Parachute skin, Profile skin, gun skin etc…
  • This season brings many new Emotes like drinking juice emote, Non-elite pass user can also get new emotes but for Elite pass users there are many new skins and emotes this time. 
  • The missions are also not so hard to complete. 
  • You can Dismantle the emotes.
  •  New timer added for Royal pass and reminder for the Missions.
  • Added new season Countdown timer
  • Added achievement chain progress
  • Purchase UC to get more rewards and many discounts on rare items
  • You can ask your friends for a pass during first week of season 9.

Theme :       

 The theme is same as the season 8 and I think in future you will see the new theme. Present theme is Ocean theme and there are custom themes for some players.

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