Google starts Rolling out Incognito for Map’s and New Features in Google apps.

Google Map’s has started rolling out the new feature called Incognito Mode. It has arrived a couple of week’s ago on the app’s preview group for testing. It is similar to the Incognito modes of chrome browser and other apps. If you turn On this feature then it will not store your data in the history like your location, but directions you have looked up, and things you have searched on the Map.

It will be very good feature because the Maps dats history has caused some problems in the history for some users. To activate it, you’ll simply need to click on your profile and then select the Incognito mode and it will turn On. Its taht much simple and user friendly. You might have not got this feature yet, but sure you will get in the near future or coming weeks. But for IOS there is some more time to arrive on that platform and there is no concrete date, when it will be rolled out for IOS.
This Google has promised Incognito Mode at I/O 2019 and with this they have also announced the auto delete of history in chrome, Google Map’s and other Google service platforms. The auto delete feature has been rolled out for chrome on Windows and Chrome OS. It will arrive soon in mobile apps too. With this feature Google will automatically delete the Data history for the scheduled time period, as we want it to do.
Google has also released a feature for chrome browser regarding the privacy and security. The new feature is Google’s Password checkup in the chrome browser. Currently released only for Desktop versions. There it some time to arrive in Mobile devices.
There is also a new feature for the Google Voice assistant. It will delete the words said or asked to it by using voice command. To do this just we have to say “hey Google or hi Google delete the last word I said to you or asked to you” and it will delete that word. Google is working hard to do things automatically and keep us less things to do. This will be available in the English language and for other languages they will roll out soon.

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