How to Earn Full-Time Income From Your Blog

how to get money from blog

While there are no guarantees, earning a full-time income from your blog is not easy goal. It’s really hard to think of a better at-home job than blogging :

  • Be Patient and consistent to it.
  • Break the lines down into achievable chunks.
  • Get specific about your money goals.
  • Be Efficient.

What’s the exact figure you’d need to quit your job and totally focus on blogging?

To become a full-time blogger there are some things that you need to keep in mind. Here are my top tips for earning a full-time income from your blog.

  • Don’t give up your day job

It will take a while to get to your goal, and there are no guarantees. The first thing is to work out exactly how much you need to earn from your blog to make a full-time living.

  • Be Patient and consistent to it.                       

Building a successful blog can take time. Some niches take longer than others because they have smaller audiences.

You can’t expect to start a blog and make enough money in the first month to quit your job. There are probably some stories of that happening around, but it’s definitely the exception, not the rule.

That doesn’t mean you will take a long time, but you should have a realistic outlook when it comes to all of this. You have to wait for at least 3 months to make money estimation.

  • Break the lines down into achievable chunks.

For example, let’s say you want to earn $25000 a year. To make it seem more achievable you can break it down to $480.96 a week, or even $68.49 a day. So what do you need to make each day or week?

To earn more you have to approach your blog like a hobby then you treat it like a hobby. You write occasionally, you send out emails from time to time, don’t bother with networking, and hope that money magically appears.

  • Be Efficient

Did you know that there are only 24 hours in a day? That means you can’t sit around wasting time on things that won’t directly grow your blog or audience.

Are you prepared to have months where you don’t have enough money to cover bills? It’s a possibility with your blog. Having a good month does not guarantee the next month will be just as good.

Remember: a blog can earn you money 24 hours a day (if you have a global audience), 7 days a week.

Sometimes traffic is great from a post going viral and other times you are wondering if your blog is working because nobody is around. As you grow your blog, you will find that you can start to predict the minimum amount of money you can make. Don’t Worry about fluctuations.

Here are six different ways you can immediately start earning an income from your blog.

1. Adsense.

Adsense plays a major role in earning money from blogging for huge number of bloggers around the world.Here, you can apply for adsense and place their ADS on your website. For this you get paid money and it can make a billionaire also. There is no fixed amount of income from adsense but you can estimate an amount of money after using it for 3 months.

2. Sponsored posts. 

Sponsor posts are posting a blog about any product and it be should a approachable blog. Getting Sponsor post is not a easy thing. You have to first get famous and write the Good posts in your way without copying.

Let’s say you charge $200 for a sponsored post. To meet your monthly income goal you’d need to publish about eight sponsored posts per month, which may be more than you’re comfortable with.

3. Consultancy. 

Some people sell their services as a consultant or coach via their blog. If your day rate is $400, you’d need to spend eight day’s worth of your time each month to reach your target revenue. It can make you earn huge amount. It’s like approaching visitors to contact the Consultants persons and make them join heir company.

4. Direct advertising. 

You could also sell ads on your site to niche advertisers on a monthly basis. To make $25,000 a year you’d need to sell around $2,100 worth of ads each month. If you had six ad spots on your site for six different advertisers, you’d need about $416 per advertiser per month. It can be same for you, because i don’t know how much in your region advertisers pay. It will be different for everyone but it is an good idea.

5. Selling Your Own Product

You can also earn by selling your own products on your blog. because Blog is not different from website. It’s easy to convert blog into e-commerce website. You can also sell affiliate products through this way, but i think it’s risky also – it can cause a problem of copyright.

6. Affiliate products 

Referral program is like promoting the products and making our users buy the product from our link and there is no fixed amount you can get in a month. Referring products is not easy thing,you have learn what peoples want to view on your blog and what are their interests.
To make $62.19 a day in affiliate revenue you’d need to work out the value of your affiliate referral fee – whether that be high- or low-value commissions – and then calculate how many referrals you’d need to make.

As you can see, you can make money from your blog in a variety of ways. For more ways, check out my How to get free Page Views to Your blog

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