How to Submit Your Website Or Blog To Search Engines – Google, Bing and Yandex

If search engines don’t know your website or Blog exists, your chance of ranking isn’t just an improbability, it’s an impossibility.

Getting listed on Google and the other popular search engines is one of the most effective ways of directing free visitors or more accurately unpaid, targeted traffic to your website.
But here’s the thing: it takes time for search engines to  index new websites.
That means if you search for your two-day-old website in Google, chances are you’ll be disappointed. In fact, 8 times out of 10, you’ll find nothing.
However, even a few weeks after going live, you may still not see your website in Google, Yandex, Bing and Yahoo, which have a combined market share of ~98.5%.
If this applies to you, and you now want to know the fastest way to submit your website to the search engines, then you’re in the right place.

Why you should submit your website to search engines
Here are just a few reasons why manual submissions are still a “thing”:

It’s better to be safe than sorry.
Let’s face it, search engines will probably be able to find your website regardless of whether or not you choose to manually submit it. But is “probably” good enough? I mean, submitting your website only takes a minute-or-two. So why risk it?
Search engines can’t figure out everything via crawling.
If you submit your website via the methods discussed below, you’ll have the opportunity to supply Google and Bing with some useful information about your website. For example, you can tell them how important you deem each of your pages to be. They couldn’t obtain this information from crawling alone.
It helps to improve your website. Google and Bing each offer some insights as to how they view your website in their respective “management dashboards” .There are also various tools for testing your web pages, and they’ll even alert you if potential problems or errors occur on your site.

How To submit Your website to Search Engines

Lets Start with the Google – 

To Submit Your website to google you have to visit the Google search console. Because Google has stopped the website submission tool in 2018 and now we can submit using search console.
How to Submit Your Website Or Blog To Search Engines - Google
After Visit the site you have to Login using Google Emial ID and then click add website. There you have to enter you website full URL and click submit. It will Then verify the website belongs to you or not by sending a verification link through emil.
After Doing this you have to Submit the sitemap on he search console. To do this you have to find-out that your website has sitemap or not. To find the sitemap of your website go the Chrome and in the search section enter . It will show your website sitemap if available.
If your website has sitemap hen again visit the Google search Console and click on the option submit the sitemap. It will open a box there you have enter the sitemap URL of your website like i have shown above. 
After submitting it Google will take some to verify the sitemap. After it verifies your sitemap, it will send you a mail.
After this Google will start crawling your website using it robots tool. If your website has good content and useful to users what they are search then it will index your site to the Search Index.
But, Crawling your website can take days, a week or more than this. what you can do is just wait.
Submit your site Bing and Yahoo –

Yahoo doesn’t have any tool to submit your website to their search engine. It takes the data from Bing and index it their search engine.
How to Submit Your Website Or Blog To Search Engines -  Bing
To Submit your site to Bing You have to visit the Bing Webmaster tool website and their you can login using Outlook or Gmail Id. After getting logged in you have to the same things you have done to submit your site to the Google search console.
You can also Submit your site in click. If you have First submitted the website to Google search console. There an option of importing the website submission data on the webmaster tool. It will Import all your data from the search console and there is no need to verify the Website.
How to submit to Yandex –

Yandex doesn’t have major market share but for a website a single user also matters. So you have to submit your site to this search also. It is an Russia based search engine.
To Submit your site to this search engine, you have to go to the Yandex Webmaster tool and enter all the details which you have performed with the google search console. there is no link between google and Yandex. So you have again verify your site ownership.
How to Submit Your Website Or Blog To Search Engines - Yandex
After verifying your site you have submit the sitemap her also. By following the same method as i said above on the Google submission method.
Yandex also provides a Turbo mode, where it boosts the website loading speed to decrease the Bounce back rate.It can help you gaining more traffic and getting high rank on search engine.
There are some more search engines available, but they are not important. Many search engines takes data from Google and index on their search engine tool. So, google submission is major thing to index your site.

How to check Your Website Indexed or not

Go to the google and enter your full URL and click search. If it shows your site. Then it has accepted your site and added to their search engine.
It will start adding all the pages available on your website. But it can take time if you are a blogger. You can also check which pages has indexed or which are not indexed using search console.
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