Latest Features In Blogger Website

Recently blogger has started updating its features on the website and the mobile app. They are introducing a new layout and modern designs in the App and the website. They want to compete with the other market players as there profit of growth is declining due to fewer features and old fashioned designs and options. Now they have known the issues and other things about their strategies.

Latest Features In Blogger, New Option in blogger of adding link

Latest Features

  1. New Statistics Design

They Have Updated the design and viewing experience of the Post statics and Options. The New design has a new layout and size of the display of stats is increased to a single row, where the old one was in small boxes and they were arranged in 2 rows. But, now everything is in a row and in detailed stats.
  1. Update in the New Post section

There is a new option in the Post section. There is an option of adding a link to the post, it is not adding a URL to the article words. It is different and useful for gaining more visitors to our website. How it is useful to us lets thing and see :
  1. We can add another post URL with this Link option, where it will redirect to that URL when someone clicks on the Post Title.
  2. It will increase our DA ranking.
  3. It will get more Do-Follow backing from our same website, it may low DA authority but useful.
  4. Google will also help you in linking your URL with other websites when there is some content issue or some other issue with that website or blog.

    Latest Features In

    How To Update

    1. Login to the Blogger account.
    2. Go to stats Section.
    3. You will see at the bottom of the sections an orange colour box highlighted saying Try the new blogger as shown in the figure.
      Blogspot new update
    4. Click on that option and you will see a new Pop-Up option, where it gives some quick things about the update and you will see a continue button as shown in the 2nd image. Click on that to try the new blogger.
    5. You will find useful things after getting updated.

    Update in the Mobile App

    Google’s Blogger has updated the interface of the blogger app and introduced new design and features. Now you can see the App as a modern app and you can also find some new options in the add post section. 
    Now, we can add edit in more formats as before there are no proper edit options and we cannot add images properly in the post and place it at the right place from the app. We can share our links directly from this app. There is an share option for everypost. 
    But, now we can add images and place it where we want and we can also resize it. So, Google has solved the portability problem of blogging. Now we can directly post the Blogs from the smartphone and also edit them.

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