PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update Comes with Payload mode and New Weapons

PUBG Mobile update: Downloading Patch 0.15.0 comes with a reward

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 Update payload mode
Payload Mode

Today will see all PUBG Mobile gamers get access to update 0.15.0, the latest build available on Android and iOS.

Tencent prefers to rollout patches across regions, meaning it won’t be arriving at the same time for everyone.

But we do know that by the end of the day, everyone should have been able to download the new PUBG update.

And there’s a good reason to do it as soon as you, revealed in the official patch notes for version 0.15.0.

As confirmed in a recent message from Tencent, there are rewards available to anyone who grabs the new update before October 22.

And like many of the other updates released by Tencent, This includes many cosmetic items and in-game currency.

  • Update before 22 OCT to get: Fairy Set (3 days) x1, Silver Fragment x50 and 2,888 BP,” a message from the Tencent support team explains.

This gives fans just under a week to get up to speed before these latest PUBG Mobile rewards are removed.

And while there is plenty of new content to enjoy on Android and iOS this week, one big changes has not been included.

Fans have been told that more PC features are coming to PUBG Mobile to help keep both games inline.

A recent message from Tencent explains: “We will be adding the following features from the PC PUBG game.

  1. The one and only, the most powerful semi-auto handgun, the Desert Eagle. The all-new vehicle, replacing the Armored UAZ, the BRDM-2. This behemoth is heavily armoured, with bulletproof tires and thick plating to protect the passengers.
  2. The long-awaited ledge grab system. From now on, players will be able to get to places they could never before! We are excited to see how players will utilize this new feature and find interesting ways to surprise their enemies!.
  3. The explosive barrels. Back in the day, fuel canisters had very limited utility. Now it can become one of the most lethal weapons used to trap and eliminate your enemy.

      This will also include a new Mode with Helicopters and heavy weapons, called Payload. This mode includes tons of new items like the helicopter, stinger, RPG, grenade launcher and even airstrike,” the message from Tencent adds.

      1. The new teammate recall system can respawn eliminated players and get them back into the game. The new mode will be filled with surprises. We are currently optimizing the mode to create the best possible experience for players, and we hope to launch it during the 0.15.0 cycle.

        But Tencent has also ruled out releasing Erangel 2.0 as part of patch 0.15.0, adding: “During PMCO Spring Split Global Finals, we announced our plans for Enrangel 2.0.

        1. To better present the Erangel 2.0 from the PC PUBG game, we are still finalizing the details of the map, and it will come soon.

          Payload mode will be made available later to play. In this, You can use all the new weapons that I have shared above. This mode will be available in the EVOGROUND section.

          For now, players have been warned to download the new PUBG Mobile update so as not to miss out.

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