9 Things You Should Never search on Google or Other Search Engines

Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine has become our one-stop destination for getting quick access to all our queries no matter how mundane or important them may be. In most circumstances, Google is a very useful tool; however, some bad threat actors can exploit these searches which could put you in harm’s way. Here is a look at the 12 most important things that should never be searched on Google.

Protect data from search engines(Google,Bing,Yahoo)
Protecting your privacy online can be very hard. If you use Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine that records your IP address and search terms, there are some things that you really shouldn’t search. Google, for instance, can combine your search history with more data about your identity, and connect them with a full profile that both the search engine and advertisers can use to get an idea of who you are, what you’re interested in, and what you’re most likely to buy. That should make you think twice about sharing your problems, your interests, and even questions born out of (not meaning much of anything) curiosity with a major search engine like Google.

Before Starting, I want you to secure your Data from your Wives too. It can hurt you more than hackers🤣🤣 or search engines

Government websites

Reports in past have been saying that government websites were hacked many times and they are easily available for hacking, due to lack of SSL certificates and their hosting is also worst. Reports are keeping on surfacing how government domains such as municipality tax, public hospitals, etc are prime areas for scammers. This makes it extremely tough to search for official websites. So, like banking websites, if you know the exact URL, it is best avoiding Google for this search.

Online banking websites

Google is filled with fake financial websites and searching for them may land you in trouble. I am warning you not to search for online financial information on Google unless if you have the correct URL. A report states that “Always, enter the official URL of your bank’s online (related to managing money) doorway to (get something by being tricky or clever) the site to stay safe. This increases chances of phishing extremely high in which you might enter your bank’s login ID and password on a website that may just squint like the bank’s official website and could be a phishing site instead.”

Apps or Software🍎

Harmful programs or apps is a common issue that seems to be getting stronger as time goes. With this in mind, downloading apps or software from the Google Play store or any other store may lead to harmful programs or apps being installed on your smartphone or computer. It is always a good idea to download apps through the official Google Play Store or iOS App Store. For computers, download software from URLs that you are familiar with to avoid harmful programs or apps being installed.

Google is also working hard to remove malicious apps from its play store and IOS is strict in developing any app for the IOS store.


Buying medicines and taking help on Medicines on Google has become common over the last few years and sellers are growing quickly. Although Search Engine is a great place to get to know about medical signs of sickness, you must skip the search engine and head on over to an actual doctor to get information about any illness you have and there you can get better medical treatment and in time before it gets worse.

Weight loss tips🏋

Everyone wants to lose weight and Google, Bing is filled with tips and tricks on how this can be done. But in the same topic as how it is unsafe to buy medicines from Google, it is also not a good idea to search for quick hacks to lose weight. If you (very much/in an upset, hopeless way) want to lose weight, then go to an (expert in healthy eating) or look (for) (opinions about what could or should be done about a situation) from medical personnel. There are no quick-fix methods for weight loss, and Google really won’t be of much help.

Avoid logging into social media sites through Google

Phishing is all too common now/recently and with social media it is at the peak, logging in through Google may be a bit risky. So, it is a good idea to go to the site directly instead of logging in through Google or Facebook. Better, you log in directly by entering your email address and creating a new account, which will keep safe your data. If you log in through them then they take your personal data from google or any other mail accounts.

Don’t search for things that clue Google, Yahoo into your location𝩿

Google Maps is the first app, which captures your location and sends to Google. Don’t search for things which need the permission of your location to turn ON. If you turn on your location then you are not safe. It can lead you in big trouble. Not only to google, you should protect your location almost from all apps and websites. They can sell your details and earn money, which will trouble you.
Recently actually (not very long ago) some years back a woman gave divorce to her husband because of Google Maps. The reason is that man has met a lady on the street and that meet has been (recorded on a camera or satellite) by Google and saved it to Google Maps. When she went searching for some restaurants she found that photo. which resulted in the separation of both.

Anti-virus apps💲

There are huge numbers of fake anti-virus products out there on the internet that claim to be free apps. However, I suggest you to get a paid service from a (reported or said to be) brand instead of going through a lesser-known one which may steal your personal information and sell it for some penny amount. It could also steal your Banking apps data. So, be careful before installing any free Anti-Virus from the play store of any other store. Some paid anti-virus also (record by a camera or computer) our data but some don’t sell and they keep the data for some time and erase them.


Google isn’t the world’s biggest search engine, it is also the world’s largest advertising (raised, flat supporting surface). If you search for porn on Google, a related ad may pop up on a (usual/ commonly and regular/ healthy) website you visit later on. That’s why it is always a good idea never to search for porn or anything else that may embarrass you as you may get unwanted porn-related Google ads that are based on your (looking at web sites on) history when you are at professional (surrounding conditions) like an office.

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