PUBG MOBILE Hackers and Cheaters Will Get IMMEDIATE BAN.


We have always been committed to providing our players with a fair and healthy gaming environment. Soon, we will be releasing a new feature that will help further support this goal. It is called the Video Review Station and is a part of an anti-cheat system where players review video footage and determine whether there is any cheating taking place. When the majority of players find a video clip containing such evidence, the case will be officially reviewed by us. The inspection process is as follows:

1- A player is reported for suspicious activity by players in-game or within the community.

2- A battle replay video is generated from the suspicious player’s perspective.

3- The video is randomly distributed to multiple player investigators. 

4- Investigators analyze the video. 

5-  A majority confirms that the video contains evidence of cheating.

6-  The official PUBG MOBILE team reviews the violation. 

7- The cheating player is permanently suspended from the game.

We have heard your feedback regarding wanting to help us with this aspect of the game. Your constant willingness to contribute towards an even better gameplay experience for others, has truly touched our hearts. Therefore, we have worked hard to create this system to be able to let you do so. By working together, we can even better crack down on cheaters and maintain a fair gaming environment. With your help, we can speed up the process of identifying cheaters, better understand the latest cheating methods, and quickly produce strategies to combat them. The Video Review Station is currently undergoing testing and is scheduled for launch in early September. Please stay tuned for future updates on this subject. We hope that many players will join us in becoming investigators and take part in ensuring the continued fairness of the game.


During August 20 to August 27, 2 273 152 accounts and 1 424 854 devices have been permanently suspended from accessing our game, out of which these are the reasons::white_small_square: 3%: Modification of Character Model :white_small_square: 4%: Modification of Area Damage :white_small_square: 12%: Speed Cheats :white_small_square: 22%: Other:white_small_square: 27%: Auto-Aim Cheats

:white_small_square: 32%: X-Ray Vision

Stay tuned for our next week’s anti-cheat punishment statistics.

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