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PUBG’s ‘Undawn’ release in India? is it a ray of hope for PUBG Mobile India’s re-entry? Undawn, a new third-person open-world game was announced on Monday by PUBG Developers, Light Speed Quantum Studios. The studio is a subsidiary of Tencent. Thus, it begs the question, will it be released in India? Furthermore, can its release pave way for PUBG Mobile’s comeback in India?

PUBG’s ‘Undawn’ to release in India?

Firstly, Undawn will be published by Garena. Based on Singapore, the company doesn’t have any direct affiliations with Mainland China. Therefore, it is possible that Undawn will be released in India without much inconvenience.

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Another immensely popular Battle Royale game, Free Fire, which is published by Garena, has been accessible from India all along. Even after the ban of PUBG Mobile & other Chinese apps.


Additionally, Undawn is open for Pre-Registration from India, whereas, the same cannot be said about PUBG Mobile New State, the next venture of PUBG. From an interview with a Krafton representative, a Korean News Outlet revealed “It is true that India has been excluded from the pre-registration of New State. We are not planning to launch PUBG New State in India yet. First of all, we all will focus on the re-launch of the Indian version of the PUBG Mobile.”

So, yes, the open window for Pre-Registration is indeed a positive sign.

Is there a possibility of PUBG Mobile’s comeback along with Undawn’s Release?

Recently in an interview with Byung-Gyu Chang, the chairman of Krafton, was asked about the plans to release PUBG Mobile India. He replied “In my heart, I want to release the game as soon as possible, but it’s not our (Krafton) problem, it’s India’s problem.”

While PUBG Mobile has cut all ties with any Chinese Affiliations & officially registered itself as an Indian Company, there has been no announcement regarding its relaunch. Rosters from India, are shifting to different regions to participate in Global PUBG Esports Tournaments. All of these suggest, there aren’t much chances of its release any time soon.

That said, the launch of Undawn, another Tencent game in India surely builds our hopes up, but it’s too early for jumping to conclusions. While the game will be somewhat similar to PUBG Mobile, no other game can replace the craze Indians have for PUBG Mobile. All we can do is wait & hope for the best.

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